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As from Sept 1st 2013, The makers of Triactol have announced that they are withdrawing Triactol from sale, it will not be available to buy online from this date.

As a suggested alternative, we suggest that you have a look at Brestrogen, we tried this product ourselves earlier this year and were really happy with the results. It uses the same main ingredient as Triactol, and delivers similar results ( and it slightly cheaper too )

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Probably the most popular surgical procedure carried out worldwide is Breast augmentation (AKA a Boob Job), literally millions of these procedures are carried out each year.triactol breast enhancement serum

Although highly successful in most cases, these cosmetic procedures are expensive, starting at around £4000 – £5000 upwards, the procedures are (especially in these troubled financial times) beyond the reach of many of us.

Aside from the financial cost, more worrying perhaps is the real possible risk of problems and side effects resulting from the procedure.

Recent reports have highlighted issues such as misaligned or odd sized breasts, scarring along with occasional deflating of the implants. This is apart from the usual problems after invasive surgery such as discomfort, the risk of infection and a lengthy recovery time.

Because of these issues, more and more women are looking at alternative ways to boost the appearance of their breasts.

Surgical Free Breast Lift With Triactol

Triactol is a ground breaking breast enhancing serum manufactured by Smith Meyers, this pharmaceutical giant used all its scientific resources to research and develop a natural way to lift and firm breasts.

The research identified a direct link between our own natural hormone oestrogen and a compound found in certain botanical extracts. The compound called Phyto-oestrogen has similar properties to our natural hormones and works in the same way.

During certain periods, especially in puberty and during pregnancy, our bodies natural level of oestrogen rises, this encourages the development of our more feminine attributes, the phyto-estrogens in Triactol work in a similar way to encourage the development of new breast tissue.

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How Does Triactol Breast Serum Work

Triactol contains jusbreast augmentationt one primary ingredient, this is called Mirofirm, This is a highly standardised and purified proprietary extract from the traditional Thai medicinal herb, Pueraria mirifica, also known  as the ‘Elixir of youth‘. It boasts many clinically proven rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties including anti-wrinkle,
alleviation of menopausal symptoms and, of course, breast enlargement

 When gently massaged into the breast area, the serum works with the natural processes of the body to encourage the production of new breast tissue

Is Triactol Clinically Tested

Triactol has been the subject of several independent and highly stringent clinical tests. These have shown quite impressive results including:

  •  Significant improvements in terms of lifting, firming and
  • enlargement are achieved after 21 days of application
  • 94% of subjects noticed an improved breast appearance,
    after 6 weeks.
  • 81% of the subjects experienced increased self-confidence.
  • Reduction in wrinkles and stretch marks on the breast area
    were also reported.

Do The Makers Give Any Guarantees

Yes – Triactol is supplied with a no quibble 60 day cash back guarantee, so all purchases can be made safe in the knowledge that money will be fully refunded should Triactol not work for you.

Triactol Good Points

  •  All natural formula – no harmful chemicals
  • Clinically tested – proven to work
  • None surgical, safe and non invasive
  • Gain increased firmness and up to 3 cup sizes

Triactol Bad Points

  •  Results build slowly over several weeks

Our Thoughts On Triactol

 triactol breast enhancement serumTriactol may not be the cheapest product out there, but cheapest has never ever been the best.

Smith Meyers have pulled all the stops out with the development of Triactol, the clinical results clearly demonstrate its effectiveness in firming and increasing breast size.

Price wise, Triactol starts at £81.52 for a months supply, its not cheap,  but when you consider the results of the testing, and the cost of surgical alternatives, it certainly becomes worth every penny.

Triactol can be purchased directly from the official website, orders are sent worldwide and buyers can also take advantage of extra discounts when ordering 2 or more months supply.

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