Vollure Breast Enhancing Serum Review

Vollure Review

Firms And Boosts Breasts By 8.4% in Just 8 Weeks

Vollure is a new natural breast enhancement solution promising to firm, lift and smooth your vollure-creambreasts.  With all natural ingredients, the makers have formulated a totally safe and luxurious breast enhancement treatment that will enhance what nature has given you as well as smooth skin and give a fuller bust.

Whether you have lost some of the firmness and elasticity through pregnancy or may be as you get older there is some loss in tone and fullness in your breasts, there are various treatments promising to renew and enhance.

Options are generally considered creams, pills or surgery.  Surgery being the most drastic approach.  Invasive and not to mention expensive, not the right decision for everyone.

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Will Vollure Actually Work.

Vollure has been extensively tested and with very positive results, been found to increase volume, improve the feel of skin around the breast area and tone the general breast area over all.


  • . Sarsapogenin
  • . Macelignan
  • . Macadamia Oil
  • . Purified Water
  • . Fragrance

How Do They Work?

clinical-studeis-288x300Sarsapogenin – is an extract taken from a root found in Asia Called Anemarrhena Asphodeloides.  It is known from it ability to naturally promote lipids that increase the volume in our breast tissue.

Macelignan – is a natural chemical taken from the nutmeg nut and help to increase adipose tissue volume.  Essential in fat cell production.

Macadamia Oil – With a high percentage of monounsaturated fatty acid and minerals including Pottassium, phosphorus, and calcium has well documented smoothing, moisturizing and anti-aging properties.  Also contains Vitamins (B1 and B2).

There are no harmful chemicals or irritants in Vollure

Simple To Use

Use after bathing or showering. Just apply vollure by squeezing two drops onto your hands, rubbing gently into the breast area, making sure it is fully absorbed.

Results should be most noticeable after 4 weeks although improvements are often visible after 7-10 days

Vollure has proven results in increasing breast firmness, skin smoothness and even increasing bust size.


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Our Verdict

We contacted the makers and asked if we could have a sample to make our own review.  They sent it very quickly and we got to work trying it.

With the first application we noticed how smooth the skin around the breast area felt. (Thats 300x250_vollure_staticThe first hurdle out the way.)

“Now Set to work on the daily use….”

After the first week or so the breasts were beginning to look and firmer. Nothing miraculous, just a slight improvement.  Skin was feeling so much softer, a definite feel good factor there. After 4 weeks, our bras were fitting much better.

‘We have to say that if you are looking for firmer, softer breasts, Vollure certainly delivers.’

It starts at £44.99 for a months supply, this compares really well with many other less proven products

We give Vollure 9/10 –  Why not give it a try yourself??

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