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Garcina Cambogia Extra As Recommended By DR Oz

“The Holy Grail Of Weight Loss Supplements” – Dr Oz

When Dr Oz featured the latest discovery in natural weight loss supplements on his world famous TV show, he shocked the viewing public with just how astonished he was as a leading expert explained just what this natural compound could do for dieters

The natural compound was called Garcina Cambogia – an extract taken from the rind of the Asian dr-ozTamarind – a fruit native to Southern Asia

A small pumpkin shaped fruit, the tamarind has a long history in Asian cuisine and has also been used in traditional Indian medicine.

Recent studies have showed that the extract from the rind has tremendous weight loss properties – both at helping to increase natural fat burning and also to tackle probably the most single cause of weight gain – emotional or over eating..

Garcinia Cambogia has clinically proven that it can help:

  • Reduce Cravings And Emotional Eating
  • Lower The Amount Of Fat Being Absorbed From Our Diet
  • Increases Fat Burning
  • Boost Moods
  • Helps Increase Good Cholesterol levels

Expert Guest

Dr Oz was joined on his show by a special invited guest – Dr Julie Chen, an healthcare and nutritional expert explained just how this amazing natural ingredient works

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garcina-fruit-300x154Dr Chen told us that users of Garcinia Cambogia are likely to lose up to 3 times more weight that those on conventional diets –  a fact that can be increased even further by taking regular exercise.

She called Garcinia Cambogia a dual action fat buster and appetite suppressant as she explained just how it works.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia work

The extract works to natural alter the way that our body deals with carbohydrates and sugars in our food.. these are usually processed by the liver and in every day life, only a small amount of these actually get passed through the fuel burning, energy creating process.. in fact most of these are channeled through the digestive system, some as waste, with the majority of it being retained and converted into fat reserves – (Which often end up on our Tummy, Hips and Bottom)

Garcina Cambogia blocks this process.. instead it channels most of the carbs etc into our energy producing, fat burning processes.. this results in more energy, and less fats being stored.. as our energy increases, any stored fat is also released for converting into energy this helping us to lose the unwanted fat and lose weight – often significantly.

The burning of the fat also has a profound effect on our muscle mass.. production of lean muscle is increased, leading to a better body shape as well as weight loss.

Dr Chen told us that by increasing our lean muscle mass, it actually increases fat burning even more as lean muscles burn up to 10 times more calories than body fat.

It is this fact that helps users of Garcinia Cambogia to lose more weight than many other dieters.

Snacking And Emotional Eating

WE have all done it.. had a bad day at work or the kids have driven us mad…. feeling down or upset, what do we do ? head for the kitchen to grab the sugariest ,sweetest, most calorific snack that we can find. This is the #1 cause of most peoples weight gain.

Garcinia Cambogia helps to trigger the production of seratonin.. a natural hormone that has the title “the feel good hormone” responsible for many bodily functions, seratonin helps to boost and level our moods and general feeling of happiness.. with these increased and feeling better about ourselves, we are less likely to eat between meals or reach for the snack jar.

Dr Oz’s Recommendation

Although DR Oz does not personally endorse any particular product, he 100% recommends Garcinia Cambogia as an active weight loss ingredient.. he did set out however some useful guidelines to follow when choosing a product containing Garcinia Cambogia.

  • Check That The Bottle Is Clearly Labelled Garcinia Cambogia HCA
  • The Formula contains at least 60% HCA
  • Contains only natural ingredients with no artificial fillers

Garcinia Cambogia goes well with Rasberry Ketones  (another DR Oz Favourite) and is really effective when combined together..

Our Suggested Product29335-thumb-300x300

Having checked out many products containing Garcinia Cambogia, one jumps to the top of the list…Called Garcinia Cambogia Extra it harnesses the full impact of Garcinia Cambogia and couples it with the proven fat burning properties of Raspberry Ketones to provide what we feel is one of the best slimming pills ever formulated.

Where To Buy Garcinia Cambogia  Extra In Ireland

Now available throughout Ireland, it currently costs €39.99 for a months supply ( the manufacturers tell us that it should be enough to help most users lose around 7kg of weight)

There are some excellent offers for larger orders – Our Suggestion For Best Buy is the 2+1 package – for €84.90 buyers get 3 packs for the price of 2 – this should be sufficient for them to lose up to 14 kg in weight ( about 18cm of body fat) and save you €39.00

Ordering throughout Ireland is quick and secure, with orders being shipped with a no quibble 30 day cash back guarantee

Take Dr Oz’s Advice – Try Garcinia Cambogia To Help You Lose That Hard To Shift Weight

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