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Healthy eating is often a chore.  With busy lives and supermarket special offers, it is all too easy to grab the deals and not worry too much about the quality and nutritional value.

But don’t be too hard on yourselves – we all do it.  Busy mums, long hours at the office, the listGirl eating chicken and vegetable dinner at home is endless.  We all have good intentions but sometimes it just is not practical or possible to take time out to plan and research the healthiest foods at the best value.

We are fed the frightening statistics of how our children are fast becoming the obese society of the future.  Fast foods, lack of exercise (too much time on computer games) a far cry from children 20-30 years ago.

With more mums having to work it is even harder to keep a check on their diet and how little exercise they may be getting.

It is hard enough for an adult to break bad eating habits but for a child it must be harder.  The adverts enticing us to eat tasty fattening snacks, fizzy drinks, the list is endless.  Everything in moderation has become a saying of the past.

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Eating a well balanced diet without starving yourself or going without any treats is almost impossible to impose on a child.  It would almost seem like a punishment.

Balance is the key word to keeping children healthy and happy.

Those children brought up from the start with a very healthy diet are not immune to the temptation of sweets, burgers, fizzy drinks.  Balance is the key word to keeping children healthy and happy.


Highest-Protein-Content-FoodUK based company Musclefood are known for their range of high protein foods which have been, up until recently, mainly aimed at body builders and athletes.

But do not let that put you off.…In fact with their comprehensive range of meats, dairy, nuts and pulses they have become a welcome addition to many households across the country.  Now offering healthy low fat, high protein snacks, bread and ready meals suitable for every type of family unit.

They offer real value for money with food packages to suit every taste.

Musclefood hand trim and package their meat on the day of delivery. They source the produce locally and it is free of added salt, water and other additives.

Only the finest, leanest cuts are used. They send out all orders in strong cool boxes for optimum freshness. The unique boxes are so well designed that they will keep meat etc at the correct temperature for up to 72 hours – a godsend if the delivery arrives while you are out.

Eggs and dairy produce are also locally sourced and all packaged well and sent out the same day, so as to make sure that you receive the freshest and highest quality produce.

All snacks and ready meals are free of any additives, colourings and artificial sweeteners.

Ordering is similar to how it works in most regular supermarkets online stores, you can go through muscle food logothe various food types choosing your order and then at checkout you choose your delivery date.

Although you enter your payment details at checkout, Musclefood do not take payment until the day before dispatch, allowing you time to go back into your account and make any changes if required.

Their prices are really keen too…. As an example, their top quality premium chicken breasts cost £5 per kg.. an amazing price when compared like for like against two of our favourite supermarkets ( Tesco £11.43 per kg – Sainsburies £15.69 per kg)

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